Pediatric Dentistry Practice Management Software - CLOUD 9 SOFTWARE

Pediatric Dentistry Practice Management Software

Cloud 9 Practice Management Software for Pediatric Dentistry

Give your littlest patients the care they deserve with our Cloud 9 Pediatric practice management software. It combines the power of our flagship Cloud 9 Ortho product with additional features, such as Charting, Fee Table Management, Detailed Claims Processing, CDT Codes and more, to address the specific needs of pediatric dentists. Your patients may outgrow your care, but your Cloud 9 product is designed to grow with you! Once you get on the cloud with us, you’ll always be one of the cool kids… and your software will always be the latest and greatest.


Access patient data anywhere, anytime. Connect to the internet from any computer or mobile device, and you’re in!


Never worry about software upgrades again. With Cloud 9, you’ve always got the latest version in your datacenter. High five to that!


Stressed about backing up your data? It’s easy to forget or get off schedule. At Cloud 9, we take care of it for you, so just chill out!


Servers are a big investment, and with upgrades every five years, they can get expensive. With us, you can save your money because your data is secure in the cloud.


Wave goodbye to high IT and hardware costs, and say hello to big savings! No need to maintain servers, T1 lines or other expensive equipment because we’re truly cloud-based.


Rest easy knowing your data is secure with Cloud 9. We’re one of the few PCI-compliant practice management systems. Credit cards aren’t stored, but we offer autopay options.

Cloud 9 Pediatric Features

User Generous and Advanced Multitasking Features

  • Customizable Scheduling (templates available)
  • Built-In Imaging
  • Built-In Word Processing
  • Built-In Email & Text Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Portal
  • Automatic Credit Card & ACH Drafting & Posting
  • Direct Email Capabilities
  • Electronic Filing of Insurance
  • Electronic Statements
  • Check-In Kiosk with Locator System
  • To-Do Tasks List
  • Interoffice Chat Communication
  • Unlimited Responsible Parties & Insurance Plans
  • Referral Tracking

Comprehensive Imaging System

  • Speedy Upload from Camera or Chip
  • Rapid Download for Display
  • Image Editing
  • Alignment Marks for Gallery
  • Auto Placement of Photos
  • SlideShow Options
  • Annotation
  • Interface to most Digital Imaging Machines

Email, Text Message and Patient Portal

Reduce patient no-shows with email and text message appointment reminders. It’s easy because these features are included in your Cloud 9 Software for no extra charge. By sending emails and texts, you can save time and money without making phone calls or mailing expensive postcard reminders. Multiple studies have confirmed emails and especially texts are more effective. Cloud 9 Software lets you customize these reminders to your office too. A patient portal, included in our product at no charge, allows patients to view their account information online. More features are being added and will soon include being able to complete health history forms and make payments as well!

How do I switch from my existing practice management software?

We make it as easy as possible to get on the cloud with us! We start by provided extensive training and support so you and your staff feel comfortable with your new practice management system. Plus we’re still here for you after you’ve started using Cloud 9 Software.

Change isn’t easy, but we think making the switch to us is definitely worth it! With Cloud 9 Software, you get the latest version, so you’re always on board with the leading cloud-based practice management software available.

In addition, we convert your existing practice management data, including your previous financials, charting, treatment planning, and images, so you don’t have to spend time checking your old files. Our conversion includes a thorough examination of your old and new data to make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

When you finally join us on Cloud 9, you’ll see that life really is better up here!

Ready to make a switch?

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